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Solar Station

Photovoltaic Solution for isolated sites

Autonomous Solar Station

SOLAR STATION is an autonomous and modern building integrating electrical solar production and storage. It has been sized to offer safe, affordable and of high quality to users.

SOLAR STATION works without having to be connected to public grid. It stills transforms, stores and manages the energy produces during day-time to supply electrical self sufficiency.

This solution has been designed to withstand hot and humid climate either off-grid or into harsh urban environment. It’s endowed with double skins insulation to offer best thermal and acoustic comfort.

SOLAR STATION appears as a focal point to community life, for social and economical activities. It’s a next generation autonomous equipment.

Solar Station in Action

Manual Setting

SOLAR STATION is the result of industrial process, which enables cost reduction of installation and freight to the less accessible delivery locations.

Its installation is ensured rapidly on site (less than 10 hours).

The Solar production can start the first day of system installation.

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SOLAR STATION is entirely produced in our factory; its frame is particularly robust, safe, modular and adaptive according to system requirement specifications and complies with European quality standards.



40mm injected polyurethane sandwich type walls,
thermal acoustical insulation. Aluminum door, PVC windows,
paneled, stationary fixed closing.


Galvanized steel frame, PVC gutter, fiber glass insulation, covering.

3. Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Integration: galvanized steel frame.
Solar Panels: 270Wp, aluminum frame.

4. Adibox

Solar Charge Controller, Inverter-Charger, Monitoring+Metering, Synchronisation.

Solar Station Family

Solar Station portfolio represents 4 different spatial configurations.
Select the type of building and select the ideal electrical ADIBOX autonomous configuration.


Integrated Technologies

Adibox is supplied as a complete electrical gear to integrate into the Solar Station.

It includes all the devices, necessary components to make the building self-sufficient.

Its sizing is to be adjusted depending on your needs.

  • Adibox

    It includes all the devices, necessary components to make the building self-sufficient

  • Inverter-Charger

    High efficiency pure-sinus.
    From 2 to 36kW
    Single or three phases

  • Solar Panels

    Monocrystalline Panels

  • Synchronisation

    Automated Generator Starter

  • Metering

    Production analysis, consumption, possibility of implementing invoicing process

  • Monitoring

    Supervision equipment
    Real time
    Security logs

  • Solar Charge Controller

    Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

  • Cables

    Excellent thermal extraction
    High resistance to extreme temperature conditions

  • Alternative Current Security Panel

    Fuse, circuit breaker...

  • Direct Current Security Panel

    Fuse, lighting protection...

  • Monitoring batteries

    Analyzing the stocked production

  • Stationary Batteries

    Grid plates with electrolytes gel
    2V up to 5000Ah
100% recyclable

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